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xpr365 Financials

xpr365 Financials is a ready-to-use cloud solution with extra features that are useful for SME’s from Belgium with the local Belgian legislation and accounting standards.
Scapta build this app in response to the end user’s demand for additional functionalities to the financial and trade modules that already exist.

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xpr365 Subscriptions

xpr365 Subscriptions is a ready-to-use cloud solution that is useful to register your recurring incomes. You are able to create the invoice from the subscription or create the invoices in batch for the relevant period.

You should use xpr365 Subscriptions base because:
  • You have a nice overview of all your subscriptions in one page
  • Every subscription shows the number of (un)posted invoices.
  • You can decide what time period to use when invoicing.
  • A subscription can easily be updated when the quantity or price change.
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xpr365 Dynamics sync

The xpr365 Dynamics Sync base is a ready-to-use cloud and on-prem solution to synchronize your data from Dynamics 365 for sales to Dynamics 365 Business Central or visa versa.

You should use xpr365 Dynamics Sync base because:
  • Save time & effort: A partner can easily setup which data you want to sync to take a quick start.
  • Be flexible: It is possible to sync all Dynamics 365 for sales tables. The sync can be expanded with extensions.
  • Sync data in both ways: Choose the direction you want to sync your data.
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xpr365 Onetrail

XPR365 OneTrail is a ready-to-use cloud solution that is useful to retrieve product information from OneTrail. You are also able to synchronize shipments, receipts and invoices with OneTrail.

You should use XPR365 OneTrail base because:

  • You can retrieve product information from OneTrail and create your own items
  • You can send purchase orders to OneTrail
  • You can synchronize purchase receipts from OneTrail
  • You can synchronize sales shipments from OneTrail when using Drop Shipments
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xpr365 Peppol by billit

xpr365 Peppol by Billit is a ready-to-use cloud solution that can be used for sending and receiving electronic invoices safely through Billit, an official Peppol access point.

Avoid invoice fraud. Send your invoices securely through Peppol.
Thanks to our own Peppol access point, with Billit, you can securely send your e-invoices through the European Peppol network. The standardised UBL format ensures that your invoices are correctly read and processed by companies around the world. 
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xpr365 Contracting

XPR365 Contracting s a ready-to-use cloud solution that is useful when you work with placements from freelancers.
Create contracting orders for freelancers, employees and suppliers.
Create forecasts, registrations, purchase orders and sales invoices starting from a contracting order

You should use XPR365 Contracting base because:

  • You can create contracting orders for freelancers, employees, suppliers
  • You can create forecasts for costs and revenues for the contracting orders
  • You can create registrations/timesheets for the contracting orders
  • You can create Purchase Orders for the contracting orders
  • You can create Sales Invoices for the contracting orders
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xpr365 Scaptify

Connect your Shopify Plus Store with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (SAAS).

  • MS Shopify connector: freemium
  • MS Shopify connector B2B with meta fields integration: 75$ 
  • Scaptify Plus: including the meta fields + services cost 
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